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Celebrating the sacraments in Skagway

One of the unique gifts we receive when a pastor is stationed in a smaller parish is that we are allowed to watch our young people’s spiritual growth, and as they grow, so do each of us as a parish and individuals.

Last Monday, which is Saint Therese’s Sunday, was such an event. Three young people of the parish celebrated their first communion — Zoe Marie Whitehead, the oldest of the three—Millie Addison Bass—and Henry William Bass.
Zoe had already received the sacrament of baptism, but I had the pleasure of baptizing both Millie and Henry.

To have the unique pleasure of watching them grow spiritually is truly a great pleasure. As I shared in the homily on Monday, it requires a great deal of commitment on the parents and others to ensure they have received the proper training before they can receive their first holy communion.
I believe that as these types of celebrations take place, all of the Church celebrates and rejoices.

May the Most Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother continue to bless each of you and your families.

Fr. Perry Kenaston,
Pastor of St. Therese

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