Employment opportunity: Youth ministry

DioceseShield2Employment opportunity: Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

The Catholic Diocese of Juneau is accepting applications for the position of Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry.  The successful candidate is expected to begin employment on or before June 30 of this year.

The essential job functions are the following:

1)      Organize youth and young adults catechetical functions throughout the Diocese of Juneau.

2)      Provide weekly youth nights to the Cathedral and St. Paul youth and young adults.

3)      Provide spiritual and catechetical guidance to youth and young adults.

4)      In collaboration with the Archdiocese of Anchorage, coordinate World Youth Day pilgrimage and the Alaska Catholic Youth Conference.

5)      Outreach to outlying parishes to increase youth and young adult involvement in parish and diocesan functions.

Requirements:  Undergraduate degree required, preferably in theology, education, or related field. Salary: D.O.E., with full benefits.

Cover letters and resumes will be accepted through May 29, 2015.  Full job description available upon request. Letters and resumes can be submitted as follows:

Mail resumes to:      Diocese of Juneau
c/o Larry Bussone
415 Sixth Street, #300
Juneau, Alaska 99801

Or faxed to:             (907) 463-3237

Or emailed to:           diocesebm@hotmail.com

For questions, please contact Larry Bussone at (907) 586-2227, Ext. 27.

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