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August update from Catholic Community Service

How quickly August has arrived! At Catholic Community Service, we are working hard to develop long-term health and safety measures for our programs’ clients and patients.

Southeast Senior Services (SESS)

We are currently conducting another round of safety assessments and procedures for our staff and the seniors we serve. And while the state has lifted Health Alert 007 (which closed senior centers and congregate meal programs in March), there is a lot to consider when it comes to the next steps. We are evaluating each senior center and community individually. We will not be taking any action unless local seniors, tribal partners and local government all agree it is safe to reopen, and we have the staff and equipment to do so. However, despite these closures, we are still reaching many seniors – and serving more Meals on Wheels than ever, with a roughly 150 percent increase in home-delivered meals since March! Thanks to all our wonderful Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers who have given their time to ensure that we could meet the increase in need during these challenging times.

SAFE Child Advocacy Center (CAC)

Last month, we told you about a concerning drop in the number of abused children referred to CCS for assessments, and new education effort by the CAC — Southeast for SAFE Kids, to reach out to help them. During the school closure, many abused children no longer have access to safe adults to confide in or notice the signs and symptoms that something is wrong. Southeast for SAFE Kids is an effort to educate compassionate adults in the general public on how to identify and report suspected child abuse.

Right now, the SAFE CAC is staying busy with a sudden influx of new referrals. Whether the increase is due to the educational campaign’s effectiveness or due to opening the state a bit is hard to say, but it is a relief to know that these children are now on the path to safety. Our gratitude goes out to anyone who takes the time to “Look. Listen. Report.” Together we really can make a difference.

Hospice & Home Care of Juneau (HHCJ)

We are pleased to announce that we are a recipient of the highly competitive, national Community Care Corps grant in support of our new “Friends of Seniors Volunteer Program.” We are recruiting and training volunteers now! To learn more about volunteering or the program, please call Hospice and Home Care of Juneau at (907) 463-6111.

To learn more about volunteering, or to get more program information, visit our website at ccsak.org

Thank you to our supporters and those who consider us in your prayers.
Well wishes and warm regards,

Erin Walker-Tolles,
Executive Director of Catholic Community Service

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