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Catholic Community Service continues its mission in the face of a pandemic

Catholic Community Service (CCS) is committed to providing care to those most vulnerable in our Southeast Alaskan communities. Our mission holds even greater importance now, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.


Southeast Senior Services (SESS) is our largest CCS division. We regularly provide meals and rides to over 1,200 seniors in 11 communities throughout the region. Seniors have been identified as the biggest high-demographic that is vulnerable to the Coronavirus. We must do all we can to maintain the health and safety of seniors and our staff and volunteers who continue to work in the community to get food to seniors.

While our Senior Centers are closed to congregate meals and group activities, our kitchens are still busy. Our Meals on Wheels staff are preparing hot, nutritious meals that we deliver to seniors sheltering in place. And all 11 of our senior rides and paratransit programs now deliver groceries to seniors who need some extra help in getting groceries, which is especially crucial to those seniors that do not have family or friends to help ensure access to proper nutrition. For seniors in need of a meal or grocery delivery, please contact your local site manager at the number for your community, listed below:

ANGOON | 788-3840
CRAIG/KLAWOCK | 755-2224
HOONAH | 945-3350
JUNEAU Meals | 463-6175
JUNEAU Groceries |844-4AK-cess (844-425-2377)
KAKE | 785-3172
SITKA | 747-8617
SKAGWAY | 983-3664
WRANGELL | 874-2066
YAKUTAT | 784-3486

The Southeast Alaska Forensic Evaluation Child Advocacy Center (SAFE CAC) is encouraging the observance of National Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month throughout April. Because schools are now closed for the foreseeable future, many children who experience abuse are now sheltering in place all day, every day, and so may be exposed to the potential of further abuse.

Our goal throughout April is to spread our mission to the larger Southeast Alaskan community. We hope that our efforts will serve to educate the public in recognizing the signs and symptoms of abuse, and how to report suspected abuse, so that we can help more children be safe and connect through the SAFE CAC. Alaska has the highest rate of child abuse in the United States. Please help us spread awareness by “liking” our new Facebook page. This simple gesture increases the visibility of the SAFE CAC in “news feeds” and on the Facebook search engine so that the SAFE CAC can be found by those who need it most.
To like our Facebook page, please find it here:

The team providing Hospice and Home Health Service in Juneau continues to provide nursing, therapy, social work and chaplain to those at end-of-life and those recovering from illness or injury at home. Because the health care providers have a special and critical role to play in our response to COVID-19, the HHCJ Team has been working incredibly hard during this time. Not only are they taking serious measures to protect the health and safety of patients, the public, and themselves as they work, but they are going into people’s homes to monitor and provide care to those who have, or are suspected of having, COVID-19. They are courageous and I have been so impressed by their dedication at risk to themselves.

We will continue to do all we can to fulfill our mission to strengthen families and individuals in Southeast Alaska with dignity, care and compassion, as safely as we can so that we can continue to serve.

TO DONATE OR VOLUNTEER GO TO http://www.ccsjuneau.org

Thank you all for your enduring support in these complicated times. We at Catholic Community Service wish you the best of health.
God bless,

Erin Walker-Tolles
Executive Director
Catholic Community Service

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