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Support local missions through special collection

By: Deacon Mike Monagle

During the weekend of February 23rd and 24th, all the faithful of the Diocese of Juneau will be asked to participate in the 134th annual Black and Indian Mission Special Collection. Your generosity to this special collection helps to further the missionary cause of bringing the message of the Gospel to our African American, Native American, and Alaska Native brothers and sisters in North America.

As a mission diocese, the Diocese of Juneau benefits directly from this annual appeal. Last year Black and Indian Mission provided a $100,000 grant to the Diocese of Juneau, which helped us provide financial support to the parish churches of St. John by the Sea in Klawock and St. Ann’s in Yakutat. The grant also provided substantial funding for the operation of the Department of Northern Missions, which serves the mission communities of Skagway, Gustavus, Pelican, Hoonah, Tenakee Springs, and Kake.

These mission parishes and communities depend on your generosity to help them encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ and grow in faith. Please consider meeting their needs by making a generous contribution to the Black and Indian Mission Special Collection.

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