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Catholic Community Service: A senior center as the heart of the community

We like to share clients’ stories to help you get a sense of the good work Catholic Community Service does in the community. These stories are true, personal, and heartfelt. But Senior Centers do more than help individual elders with a meal, a ride, with completing paperwork and accessing needed services.

In Hoonah, the Senior Center has become central to the identity of the community. Our Site Manager in Hoonah, Tina Martin, has helped collect funeral programs going back almost 30 years (to 1989) and keeps them in two binders at the Hoonah Senior Center.
The binders help those who don’t know their family history to learn about it. The programs include the names of the parents, siblings, children, clan, and the Tlingit name of the person who passed away.

People throughout the community come to the Hoonah Senior Center to find their relatives and learn about them. And so the Senior Center has become a resource for the whole community, documenting the cultural heritage of Tlingit elders so it can be passed on to the next generation.

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