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In memory of Juneau’s Sid Heidersdorf

By: Bill Suss

After talking with many people, I’ve decided that someone should provide some emphasis to the very real kind of life led by Sid Heidersdorf, MY FRIEND. I don’t think that Sid ever knew how, in many ways, he was a mentor to me and many others like me.

He quietly went about his business of being Sid, demonstrating for us subtle but important ways to care about others, especially when signs indicated that others had special need of such attention. Without advertising or being self-indulgent, Sid’s actions were daily reminders, to all who took notice, of the relationship we believe he’d formed with his Maker so many years ago. Because Sid believed in God’s love and generosity, he saw himself as an example of the expectations God clearly had of us all. Without fanfare, he regularly prayed for others both living and dead, gave thanks for food (whether at formal dinners, McDonalds or while fishing), supported and demonstrated for life from conception to death and quietly considered ‘FAMILY’ as one of his proudest accomplishments. These were things I personally witnessed, along with many other common and not so common acts of generosity and kindness. These were parts of Sid’s daily life here on earth. He’s now in a place (heaven) where he’s very likely able to see just how worthy those he’d included in his daily prayers really were and maybe still are.

Knowing I’m one of those people he prayed for when I really needed the prayers, that’s so so scary because he can now see me as I really am. Guess what though, I’m pretty sure Sid, in his eternal life, will look at something like that as just giving strength to the reasons he was praying for me in the first place …… not now believing that I didn’t deserve his prayers. THAT WAS SID HEIDERSDORF – OUR FRIEND!

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