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Holy Name Catholic School’s Top Three Highlights from the 2018-2019 School Year

As chosen by our students:

Monthly visits to sing, dance, and do projects with the “grandmas and grandpas” at the Pioneer Home.

Incubating and watching a baby duckling hatch, while learning about their amazing life cycle.

Holy Name Students watch their class duckling.

Celebrating Spring with an outdoor water play day on the playground!

Marking the 100th day of school with STEM activities, craft projects, dancing, and reading.

Hands on experience with the life cycle of a butterfly, beginning with the care of caterpillars, nurturing of their chrysalis, hatching of the butterfly, and release into nature.

Celebrating the alphabet with a 26 day countdown which involved a fun activity for each letter; favorites included a picnic for P day and gum for G day.

1st grade-
Exploring the world of art with their talented teacher, Miss Barb.

Learning about what it means to be a good friend and to be an honest, caring person. This lesson was lived out when a first grade student found a wallet in church and turned it into his dad. The wallet owner was so thankful he gave the entire class an ice cream party!

Enjoying the Bouncy House as a class during Catholic School’s Week celebration.

2nd grade-
Trips to sing and visit with patients at Peace Health’s Long Term Care Unit.

Their field trip to the Discovery Center to learn about their home state of Alaska.

Growing carrots from seeds (and getting to eat them for snack!)

3rd and 4th grade-
Their amazing field trip to the Vigor shipyard to learn about building and repairing ships.

Their boat trip on a fishing vessel to catch crab and shrimp and to have a hands on experience of the subjects they had been learning about in their ocean science unit.

Their daily rosary time after lunch in their prayer corner.

5th and 6th grade-

Their big adventure to Juneau where they met the Legislature, visited the glacier, went bowling, learned about icons, and attended Holy Thursday Mass with Bishop Andrew.

Serving monthly at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.

Weekly religion classes with Miss Nicole.

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