The clergy abuse crisis beyond the ‘Spotlight’
Bishop: While we must never forget facts, Church needs to remind faithful of steps toward safety
By Gretchen R. Crowe, OSV Newsweekly

In recent weeks, Bishop Edward J. Burns of the Diocese of Juneau, Chairman of the US Bishops’ Committee on Child and Youth Protection has been responding in the national Catholic media to the upcoming U.S. release of the movie ‘Spotlight.’

In two articles to-date (OSV and CNS), Bishop Burns has highlighted the progress that the Church has made toward securing safe environments for children in all dioceses, and in creating widespread victim assistance programs for those who have suffered abuse.

“We have a responsibility to reach out to those who have been victimized in any way. We’re grateful for the courage that they have had in telling their story.”

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Bishop Edward J. Burns of the Diocese of Juneau is the current chairman of the USCCB Committee on Child and Youth Protection.