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Special collections to aid Philippines

Parishes of the Diocese of Juneau will be participating in a nation-wide Catholic Special Collection for Relief Efforts in the Philippines on Nov. 16-17, due to the devastating and historic typhoon that affected that region last week. The USCCB, in their Fall general assembly in Baltimore, called for this unified support of Catholic Relief Services and their work to bring immediate aid to the Philippines.

Catholic Relief Services reports that thousands of people are feared dead with estimates of upwards of 9.5 million people’s lives being affected by this historic typhoon. The typhoon came on the heels of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol, Philippines, that struck October 15, 2013. Bohol is just 60 miles to the south of where Haiyan made landfall. The earthquake had already displaced approximately 350,000 people according to Catholic Relief Services.

Funds from this Special Collection will be sent immediately to Catholic Relief Services to support both emergency relief supplies and longer-term rebuilding needs.

For more on the the work of CRS or to DONATE now, go to:


Alaska is home to over 19,000 Filipinos — one of the state’s largest ethnic groups — and many have ties with family in the devastated region. In Juneau, Filipino Community Inc. President Dante Reyes said the community organization has canceled its free Thanksgiving Day meal after the organization held an emergency meeting on Saturday and decided to send the money budgeted for the yearly event, about $3,000, to the Philippines.




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