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Parish gatherings to provide input to Diocesan Synod

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Synod members throughout the Diocese of Juneau are gathering with their respective parishioners in the coming weeks to prepare feedback that will inform the resolutions of the 2nd Diocesan Synod. The five topic categories of the Synod are:

• Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ
• Parish Life and Spiritual Growth
• Future of our Church
• Catholic Life in Society
• Caring for the Church and each other.
(An introduction to each of these topics may be found on the Synod website, at http://www.evangelize.seak.com)

Bishop Edward Burns convoked this 2nd Diocesan Synod last October to be held as a conclusion to the Year of Faith, which extends from October 2012 through November of 2013. “The Synod will be a means of responding to the Holy Father’s call to a New Evangelization, with a special focus on the continuing reform and renewal of the Church and on new ways of helping its members to live and share the Catholic Faith.” (Decree Convoking the Second Synod of the Diocese of Juneau) To read more about the New Evangelization, visit the diocesan Synod website at http://www.evangelizeseak.com, and select ‘Practical Info/Preparatory Documents.’ These documents, including Bishop Burns’ Pastoral Letter Rediscover the Journey and Joy of Encountering Christ and the USCCB Statement Disciples Called to Witness, both explore the topic of New Evangelization and the call to a more personal conversion and renewed commitment to discipleship.

As set out in his Pastoral Letter, Bishop Burns made plans to visit all the parishes and missions of our Diocese during the Year of Faith, and in each of them hold listening sessions with parishioners as preparation for the Diocesan Synod. With a few exceptions due to scheduling, this goal has been reached. Bishop Burns greatly appreciates the hospitality and enthusiasm shown to him by the parishes and parish groups during his visits, and is thankful for the planning and preparatory efforts on the part of the staff and parishioners.

Now, with the November Synodial sessions in Juneau quickly approaching, much of the input from the ‘listening sessions’ will be brought forth as draft resolutions to be voted on by the Synod members. If approved at the Synod, these resolutions become part of a final advisory document submitted to Bishop Burns to assist in his pastoral guidance of the Diocese.

To offer input and to assist in the preparation of draft resolutions, make sure to contact your parish’s Synod members and take part in your parish’s Synod topic discussions. Draft resolutions already brought forward will be posted on the Synod website, and on-line comment is open to all parishioners. Voting at the final sessions of the Synod in Juneau will be by members of the Synod only. To see a full list of Synod members, visit the Synod website: http://www.evangelizeseak.com.

Electronic equipment and large screen monitors are being installed in all parishes to ensure that parish members and the community are able to gather and view the LIVE-STREAM internet feed of the Synodial liturgies and sessions that will be broadcast from St. Paul’s in Juneau.

The Synod will be centered around daily liturgies, including mass and evening prayer. All are invited to take part in the liturgies as well as to observe the sessions of the Synod—all of which will be held at St. Paul the Apostle Church. Once convened, discussion of draft resolutions and voting during the actual Synodial sessions will be by members of the Synod only.

Other HELP needed:

Call for Musicians

Music Rehearsals for the Diocesan Synod will be held November 3, 10, and 13 at 7 p.m. at St. Paul’s. Anyone interested in singing or playing an instrument for all or part of the Synod liturgies should call Doug Smith at 523-8120 (douglascsmith@ak.net) or just show up at the rehearsals. (Musicians from outside Juneau, please contact Doug Smith). The music for the Synod liturgies is posted on the Synod website: http://www.evangelizeseak.com/Practical Info/Liturgical Music.

Housing Needed

Members of the Synod will be traveling to Juneau from throughout the Diocese of Juneau and many of them will need housing. If you have a comfortable and private extra bedroom in your home, please consider housing one of our Synod members. Meals and transportation will be handled by other Synod committees, so the primary need is for a quiet place to sleep after a very full day of Synod deliberations. If you can help, please email Peggy Mattson with details at dioceseofjuneau@gci.net or phone 586-2227 ext. 31.

Pray for the Synod

Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten our minds and guide our actions as we prepare for this Synod, and that by this gathering and sharing of ideas that we as a Diocese are renewed in faith and united in love.

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