From B Street to the Vatican

Loaves and Fishes, Occasional reflections on the life of discipleship
by Deacon Charles Rohrbacher

It’s hard to believe that a couple years ago I was in my little studio in Douglas  working hard to complete the illustrations for this book. Even harder to believe is this photo of my Bishop, Edward Burns, presenting Pope Benedict with a copy of the Illuminated Easter Proclamationduring his Ad Limina visit in April. Here he is showing the Holy Father the title page with the message I’d written to him. The Exsultet was signed by our three Alaskan bishops and all of the priests of their dioceses as an expression of the prayers and affection of all of  Catholic clergy, religious and faithful of our state.

Bishop Burns brought me back three official photos of the presentation of the book.  I was glad to see that in one of them Bishop Burns pointed out to the Pope the borders in the margins with plants from Southeast Alaska: blueberries, salmonberries, forget-me-nots and devil’s club.

What a humbling and gratifying moment this is.  Thank you Bishop Burns, Liturgical Press and all the good friends who made this book a reality!  I do hope that Pope Benedict had a chance to take another look at the book when he had a few moments to himself.  And I hope he liked the bees.

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