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Juneau Training for the 7 Core Values of Edge & LifeTeen

This is a video of a presentation by Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry John Amoratis on the seven core values of Edge & Life Teen which are: Eucharistic Spirituality, Love, Joy, Affirmation, Authenticity, Evangelization, and Primary Vocation. Parishes
in both Juneau and Petersburg are launching Life Teen implementations this fall. In the city of Juneau, St. Paul the Apostle Church and the Cathedral of the Nativity of the BVM parishes are also both launching EDGE, which may be thought of as the middle school version of Life Teen. On Saturday, September 3, Marilyn Monagle, the Director of Religious Education for St. Paul’s, organized a training session for those who would be serving on the core teams of both Life Teen and Edge at the Cathedral and St. Paul’s parishes in Juneau. The training took place in St. Peter’s Hall. Life Teen and Edge are based on core teams which are groups of parishioners who have committed to serving the youth of the parish in a special way through the coming year. The training organized by Marilyn Monagle provided formation to the members of the core team by giving them knowledge and skills that will assist them in effectively serving the young people of their parishes.

Mea Culpa!: in the video it is said that Mother Theresa chose to be named after St. Teresa of Avila, however she chose to be named after St. Teresa the Little Flower (who, however, did choose her name after St. Teresa of Avila); Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem not Nazareth which is of course where He was born.

For more information, visit this interactive Life Teen Spirituality Page

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