Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Daily Coverage of World Youth Day Begins Today

It begins.

There is no guarantee that I will be able to find WIFI access at every step of this journey, but the hope is that at least once per day and hopefully more, I can bring you the news, the sites, and the sounds from this World Youth Day (WYD) pilgrimage as experienced by the pilgrims who are traveling to WYD from Southeast Alaska. Many thanks to Karla Donaghey, Director of Communications for the Diocese of Juneau for providing the iPad that is being used as the sole tool for all audio and video editing and publishing for this project. As Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, I am hopeful that this use of technology serves as an outreach to youth and young adults throughout Southeast Alaska. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Juneau coordinator for this pilgrimage and to supplement our youth ministry efforts by sharing news of this pilgrimage via the web. May God bless this wonderful pilgrimage.

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